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About Us
Life Insurance Underwriters is a non-profit organization for consumer reforms in the life insurance industry. We commissioned this study based on the author's previous work in the field of life insurance underwriting.

About the Author
Norlyn Dimmitt, FSA, has been spearheading a movement espousing that consumers be underwritten, and hence accurately quoted, before applying for insurance. A Fellow in the Society of Actuaries, Norlyn has 17 years industry experience, including as a product actuary for Life of Virginia and Zurich Life.

"I've been a life insurance actuary since 1985. During my tenure at Zurich Life (1993-1995), I promoted, designed, and priced their Super Select Term policy, which unfortunately helped propel the term industry into its current chaotic state, with a proliferation of risk classes, rampant misquotes (because so few qualify for the lowest rates), and increased customer dissatisfaction."

"I founded ExamFirst,Inc. in July, 1999. It is an enormously difficult undertaking, an effort to change the entire term delivery paradigm, by allowing customers to get underwritten BEFORE they apply to a term company. By taking their Exam First, misquotes would be dramatically reduced, and policies could be issued much more quickly."

- Norlyn Dimmitt

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